Euroshield pic 1 EUROSHIELD will effectively prevent radiant heat from entering your building or office in hot and humid weather. Conversely, in a cold climate,  EUROSHIELD will prevent heat from radiant out of the building whilst keeping the cold air out, thereby conserving the warmth inside. Hence, it not only acts as an effective Radiant Thermal Barrier by preventing heat from seeping into the building during hot weather days, it also acts as a moisture and air barrier through preventing heat from escaping out of the building, keeping essential heat within the building during cold weather. It is an excellent medium to prevent water leaking from damaged roof too.




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Euroshield pic 3Conventionally, mass fiberglass is used as an insulator. However, contrary to its use, fiberglass has absolutely no ability to block radiant heat, which can account for as much as 93% heat gain in summer and up to 75% heat loss during winter. In countries where there are no seasonal factors, the same concept applies with varying differences. Products using fiberglass to “insulate” are only designed to slow down the conduction of heat energy; they absorb, they slow down, and transfer radiant energy, it will re-radiate that energy.

Here, it is useful to introduce a concept called the R-value, or the Resistance-value. If a product resists, this means that it does not stop radiant heat transfer. Materials like fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool or styroform have R-values and they only deal with conductive heat transfer, not the reflection or containment (i.e. as a barrier) of radiant heat. EUROSHIELD, as a radiant heat barrier, reflects radiant energy or heat back towards its source. Without a radiant barrier, there would be an uninterrupted natural transfer of heat from warmer objects to cooler objects according to the natural law of physics. Heat travels primarily via radiation and not conduction. Hence, EUROSHIELD would be your best bet as a radiant heat barrier. Radiant barriers have been studied and reviewed by eminent independent laboratories like the Tennessee Valley Authority, Texas A & M, Florida Solar Energy Center, Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Laboratory, and many other institutions which have proven how well radiant barriers perform and its effectiveness in reducing summer cooling and winter heating loads.

So if you are currently only relying on mass insulation and using materials with an R-value , remember that these types of “insulation” are not designed to stop radiant energy from entering or escaping. A Radiant Thermal Barrier like EUROSHIELD is designed to withstand rough handling, and is lightweight to better cater to your need for easy installation.


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