Stay Clean All Year Round
Clean COLORBOND® Steel made only by BlueScope Steel delivers the superior strength of steel, the corrosion resisdence of a zinc aluminium alloy-coating (ZINCALUME® steel), and the high performance and beauty of an oven-baked paint finish that resist chipping, cracking, peeling and fading.

Clean COLORBOND® Steel is specially formulated to-prevent dirt and other airborne particles from bonding to its surface as loose particles simplewashes away during rainfall, thereby eliminating dirt retention on a building. Therefore, Clean COLORBOND® Steel is resistant to dirt pick-up and more importantly, RESISTANT to Dirt Staining.

When you ask for Clean COLORBOND® Steel, you can be assured of the quality and reliablity of the product.

Moreover, you can be at peace of mind as BlueScope Steel offers a long term Warranty* against corrosion, colour fading/chipping and dirt staining.


*Waranty terms and conditions apply